ART COMMISSIONS – Terms and Conditions

Artist Terms and Conditions for Commissions

Terms for Artists

By accepting to complete a commissioned order, the artist agrees to the following terms and conditions for sellers, in accordance with John Moore Art Studio.

  1. Artist’s obligation
    1. The artist (also referred to as the “seller”) will respond to all enquiries from a customer in a timely, professional and cooperative manner.
    2. The artist will discuss a “brief” with the customer, including a timeline, a scope and set a final price for artwork and shipping, before commencing the commission.
    3. The artist will notify the client of the agreed arrangement, from which point the final price will be fixed. The artist will outline to the customer how they intend to send the artwork; e.g. framed/stretched/rolled in a tube. (Transport costs for the customers’ account).
    4. The artist will agree on a fixed amount for the deposit in accordance with a percentage of the cost of the artwork (typically 30%). The deposit amount will not be changed once the transaction is underway unless expressly agreed between the artist and the customer.
    5. The artist will commence with the commission once the deposit is reflected and proof of payment mailed to The artist will, to the best of their ability, carry out the commission according to the agreed brief and send regular progress updates to the customer.
    6. The Artist will strive to please the customer as the artwork proceeds and progress made with the commission. So that the client is happy with the development of the commissioned work.
    7.  The customer will pay an additional fee of 30% halfway through the process, once both parties are in agreement with progress. A further 30% on completion of work, once the client has agreed the work is indeed complete to their specifications.
    8. Please note, the artist is under no obligation to proceed with the commission if they do not wish to be bound by these terms. The artist will be contractually bound to fulfil the custom artwork order once they agree to accept the order and the customer has paid the deposit.
  2. Returns & Disputes
    1. The artist is under no obligation to accept a return for a commissioned artwork, except in the event that the artwork reaches the customer damaged.
    2. The artist is under no obligation to create a second commission if the customer is dissatisfied with the first.