About John Moore

John Moore • Printmaker • Artist • Educator

John Moore was introduced to the fauna and flora of Southern Africa at an early age, thanks to his veterinarian father who brought animals home that needed care and nurturing. He learned to appreciate different ecosystems, geology and geography of the country as he spent many holidays with his family visiting nature and game reserves enjoying the silence of nature.

John’s inspiration comes from the wealth of experience he has garnered from his wildlife experiences. He has travelled Southern Africa extensively from the coastal regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal to the arid deserts of Namibia, where he met and interacted with various indigenous people, shared and listen to their stories and myths about the natural world.

The abundance of wildlife and the diversity of regions have engendered a wide and limitless palette from which he draws his concepts. John’s art allows the viewer access into the ever-changing magical worlds of his inner experiences where he meticulously rewrites visual stories about the creatures he admires, which are often endangered.

John graduated as a Master Printmaker in 1993.  The exacting and precise methods of printmaking lend itself to the creation of complex and intricate designs which allows for change over time.

His skills encompass most printmaking techniques which include: etching, lithographs, woodblock, linocut, mezzo and aquatint.

John explains that the printmaking process embodies the changeable nature of the natural world, for this reason, he prints limited editions of each artwork and changes the state of each matrix after an edition. From the investors perspective, limited editions make the work sought after and valuable. 

John is a full-time practitioner of printmaking and also enjoys, sketching, evocative charcoal drawing and vibrant painterly pastels.  He taught at art at primary school, high school and tertiary levels, and still offers art classes for school children as well as adults. He teaches short courses for university students and masterclasses for art experts. 

John Moore owns one of the largest printing presses in South Africa which he makes available to professional artists and students on request. John’s passion for Southern African endangered wildlife has carved him a niche as a recognized conservation artist. He has become the resident artist for Rex the Rhino Conservation Foundation. This is a non-profit organization which cares for and protects rhino orphans in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This collaboration has fulfilled a long-time dream to become actively involved in conservation. John has created a series of 6 Rhino works for the exclusive use of the Foundation. All proceeds will be donated to Rex the Rhino Conservation Foundation